Wall Mounted Coat Rack

My home entry was screaming for a coat rack. Of course, I could have just bought one. They range anything from about $50 to $200+, depending on the size, style and designer you choose. But where’s the fun in that? 🙂

My brother and best friend – yes my brother is married to my best friend, I know, it’s awesome! – recently renovated their house, and I grabbed a nice piece of scrap timber from them. I already had a vision for a rustic/eclectic style coat rack, so all I needed were some cute hooks. Without too much searching, I found perfect hooks at one of my favourite stores, ISHKA. They are the cutest ever porcelain heart hooks, all uniquely hand painted in vibrant colours.

My piece of timber had a few nasty rusted nails that seemed to have made themselves home for who knows how many years, so with hammer and chisel in hand I got working.


Once the nails were out, the rest was easy. I lightly sanded it, then gave it a light coat of paint in white. I say light because I wanted it to have the aged rustic appeal.


Next, I marked out where I would position the hooks and then it was simply a matter of drilling them in place with a screw (sorry no photo of this step).

Once complete, hubby and I mounted our coat rack straight onto the wall of the entry way near the front door.


I must say, it turned out just as I envisioned it.


Not only useful, it’s become a decorative piece that gets quite a few comments from friends.


My Wall Mounted Coat Rack was complete in under a couple of hours, an easy and enjoyable project for anyone to attempt. There are plenty of funky hooks available to suit your individual style, from ultra modern to novelty hooks. Let’s get creative 🙂


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