Printable Calendar

Like most kids, my girls, aged 5 and almost 4 years, love counting down the “sleeps” until their next event, outing, well…anything really!

Until now, we usually have hand written countdown charts (of about 10 days or so) for an upcoming special occasion.  We have also been learning about “months” and “days,” and so everyday I am asked, “is it still March mum?”  🙂 

I thought it is time for the girls to have their own personal calendars in their bedrooms.  The calendars would serve a few purposes.  First, it’s a great way for children to familiarise themselves with the months of the year & days of the week.  Second, it will help in teaching them which day of the month they are at.  It’s also an excellent tool for them to mark down upcoming events & occasions, and have a “months view” of what is to come.

I decided to make my own calendar for them, mainly because I wanted one that is A3 in size, which will give them a little more room to write in the boxes.  Also, I find store bought calendars have a bit too much going on.  The idea with these calendars is that my girls will also decorate the boxes with stickers when marking a special day, so I wanted the calendar itself to be pretty basic.



I designed the calendar a month to a page, to fit an A3 page and used my daughter’s favourite colours (well, for this week anyway!).  I haven’t attached the pages together, which will further simplify its use. 




My older daughter can write in her own events and decorate with stickers.  I will write in for my younger daughter and she can then decorate with stickers.



I have created different colour combinations for you to save and print for your personal use.  Since we’re at the end of March, I’ve started the calendar from April. 

I hope your kids (or maybe you!) enjoy the calendars 🙂

A3 CALENDAR – Pink & Aqua

A3 CALENDAR Orange & Blue

A3 CALENDAR – Pink & Purple

A3 CALENDAR – Blue & Green

A3 CALENDAR – Blue & Aqua

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