Bedroom Dresser Makeover

When my partner and I were shopping for furniture to fill our first apartment together, we soon realised we had very different taste.  I preferred an eclectic style, bright colours mixed with lots of timber materials.  My husband favoured a more modern look with glass and metal furniture, in darker colours.

At that time (8 years ago!) we made furniture and colour choices that we were both comfortable with.  We opted for dark timber furniture, with a large sand coloured couch and lots of turquoise/aqua accents throughout.  Soon enough, we needed a change.  I felt last year, before the move to our larger family home was the time.  I sold our existing furniture via & eBay.  I then purchased a second hand dresser and side tables.  I purchased the bed head & frame from Domayne.

Here is the before shot of the dresser:


I loved that, like my previous dresser, the back and part of the sides of the top were framed, preventing jewelry and other items from falling behind the dresser.  This feature also added character.  It is solid timber, with no laminate, making it easier to paint and achieve the distressed effect I was after.  Colout choice was a no brainer; turquoise.  Although vibrant and full of life, I find it is an incredibly calming colour, perfect for the bedroom.

I started by removing the drawer handles.  Next, I sanded the dresser all over.  No need to sand like a madman, a light sand will suffice.  I then got to work painting.  Because I wanted a distressed look, I painted lightly with uneven strokes.  Once dry, I filled the “indents” that framed each drawer with white paint to create contrasting effect.  I purchased new drawer handles from Bunnings and spray painted them white.


As you can see, my aim wasn’t perfection, I was after a distressed paint effect.






Part two of the bedroom furniture makeover is next, the side tables. 

I would love to know your thoughts or see your own projects!



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