Bedroom Pallet Wall Art

The blank wall above my bed needed some cheering up and we had a timber pallet lying around that I had high hopes for. 

I started by removing the nails to pull apart the pieces of timber.  Some pieces were easier than others, and a few pieces broke off during the process.


I used a pry bar and hammer to remove the nails as seen in the two images below.



Once I had all the required pieces of timber, I grabbed out some paint I had in the garage and painted each a different colour.  I wanted the wall art to be something different and quirky.  I love bright colours and pretty patterns, which is the inspiration behind this piece.


I didn’t actually need to paint the entire area of the timber pieces because I was planning to stick craft paper along them.  The paint was only to colour the border of the timber.


Once the paint was dry, I used Mod Podge (you can also use PVA) to stick the craft paper to the timber – I had already cut the craft paper to size.  I then brushed Mod Podge (two coats) over the top of the craft paper to seal and protect it.  


Because I was planning to attach it straight to my wall, I positioned the backing timber in line with the studs behind my bedroom wall.

I simply glued then hammered the pieces to the backing. 


Here is the finished product! 



Our bedroom is now complete! Well, at least until the next time I feel like change. 🙂

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