Sideboard Makeover

I was casually looking for a sideboard to replace my lowline TV unit for a couple of months.  I wasn’t in a huge hurry, but I needed something with a lot more storage.  I found the perfect piece at my local Op Shop:


Suprise, surpise, I went searching for the perfect shade of turquoise to makeover the sideboard. 

To begin, I removed all handles, sanded the entire sideboard and wiped off the dust.  I decided to simply stain the body of the unit and paint only the doors & drawers in turquoise.  I wanted the unit to have an “aged” appearanced.  I know there are quite a few techniques to achieve this look.  I always go for the easiest!  I simply brushed on the paint, and went over it with an old rag.




 I always have little helpers 🙂


I also wanted to add some gold to the apinted areas.  I had a small tub of oil based gold from a previous project, which was perfect for this.


I used the same technique as with the turquoise, I lightly brushed the gold on the areas I wanted covered, then wiped away with a rag, applying and wiping until I reached my desired consistency.







I must say, it has made a lovely addition to our home!  I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂










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