Sideboard Makeover

I was casually looking for a sideboard to replace my lowline TV unit for a couple of months.  I wasn’t in a huge hurry, but I needed something with a lot more storage.  I found the perfect piece at my local Op Shop:


Suprise, surpise, I went searching for the perfect shade of turquoise to makeover the sideboard. 

To begin, I removed all handles, sanded the entire sideboard and wiped off the dust.  I decided to simply stain the body of the unit and paint only the doors & drawers in turquoise.  I wanted the unit to have an “aged” appearanced.  I know there are quite a few techniques to achieve this look.  I always go for the easiest!  I simply brushed on the paint, and went over it with an old rag.




 I always have little helpers 🙂


I also wanted to add some gold to the apinted areas.  I had a small tub of oil based gold from a previous project, which was perfect for this.


I used the same technique as with the turquoise, I lightly brushed the gold on the areas I wanted covered, then wiped away with a rag, applying and wiping until I reached my desired consistency.







I must say, it has made a lovely addition to our home!  I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂










Cane Chair Makeover x 3 – Same But Different

I picked up 3 identical cane chairs and had plans to give them all a different coat of paint. They were tired and sad looking and in need of some serious re-vamping! I completed these about 2 years ago and it was the first time I reupholstered a seat. I don’t think that’s what you would call it, maybe the term is “I replaced the seat”…? Whatever you call it, it was SO easy! I apologise in advance, I do not have step by step photos, as at the time I didn’t know they would have a place on my blog 🙂

I don’t have a before photo of all three of them together in the one shot, but they really were identical, so you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all!


The first thing I did was remove the existing seat. I basically “popped” it out and removed any nails. I then removed the exisiting cushion & cover and, well…ditched them, keeping the piece of timber used as the seat. I already had fabric at home (score!) so all I needed was spray paint & new foam cushions. I bought the foam from Clark Rubber and they kindly cut them to size – to make it easier I took the piece of timber with me, so they literally traced around it.

Next, using craft glue, I drizzled some glue on the timber seat and stuck the foam to it. This will insure it will stay in place and not wiggle about over time. I then placed my material wrong side up on the floor and positioned the seat cushion side down on top. I then pulled the material up over & stapled it in place with a staple gun. Once I stapled the first side of material, I moved to the OPPOSITE end so I could pull it tight and staple. I then completed the remaining two sides, ensuring to tuck in as I go (think hospital bed corners!). The seats were ready and waiting for the chairs!

I gave the chairs a sand to remove what was remaining of the existing gloss. This had to be done so the paint could stick to the surface. I cleaned off any dust and started spraying. When spraying, you must keep the can moving so you don’t get drips on any area. I sprayed in the garage, with large drop sheets covering the floor and the doors open to provide ventilation.

Once the paint was dry, I placed the seats back in position. I didn’t even need to nail or glue them in, because they were a perfect snucg fit.

So here they are…the first is YELLOW:


The second is a bright RED:


The third is a deep PINK:

3 chairs, 3 styles!


Knit Scarf to Shrug

A good Spring clean fantastic. It gives you a chance to clean, declutter, reorganise and find items you had long forgotton. It’s amazing how quickly we can accumulate “things” in such little time. During my last clean out, I found this gorgeous knitted scarf in very pretty blue. It is a very wide scarf, so an image of a cute shrug popped in my mind.

Sorry, I didn’t take an image prior to pinning it, but you get the idea, it’s a long rectangular scarf.


The picture below shows the steps I took to turn the scarf to a shrug. I started by measuring the sleeves, and pinned where the sleeves (armpit) would start.


I then cut the fringe from both ends and hemmed the ends to stop fraying. Lastly, I sewed the sleeve seams.


Another super fast DIY project, that is both funky & functional.


I’m using my new shrug a lot more then when it was a scarf 🙂


Buffet Makeover

p>If you’ve read some of my previous posts, by now, you will know I am a huge fan of vintage furniture with character. I also love adding my own spin to it be it a minor or major change. When op shopping for a new buffet, I found just what I was looking for!


It was the perfect size and I loved the handles and frame detail around the drawers and doors. I had already decided how I wanted to transform this piece. I knew I wanted it two tone, so leaving the body of the unit as is, with the doors & drawers painted white. I also wanted to add craft paper to the drawers & doors, but hadn’t yet picked out the paper, so off I went to Spotlight. I chose a gorgeous chevron design in pastel candy colours, the pattern and colours were ideal for the space the unit would sit.

Once home, I got sanding. After removing the handles, I sanded the entire unit except the face of the drawers & doors as these would not be painted. After sanding, I cleaned off all the dust and stained the body of the unit. I then painted the frame of the drawers & doors in white. Once dry, I measured and cut the craft paper for the face of the drawers & doors. I brushed Mod Podge to the back of the craft paper and stuck it in place. Of course, prior to cutting the craft paper, I aligned the pattern as best I could. Once in place, I brushed the unit with Mod Podge to seal & protect the paper. Finally, I spray painted the handles using gold.

Here is the final result! I love this buffet, it’s fun and lot’s of character.


I enjoy using paper or fabric to transform furniture or decor pieces. It's easy and so very effective!



Hope you enjoyed this post, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Kimono Inspired Cape Jacket

I’m a sucker for pretty patterns, so when I found this gorgeous chiffon material in my craft room, I just had to use it!


I decided to make a kimono/cape style jacket with it.  Once I measured the material, I realised it would be just enough for the piece.

First, I folded the material , leaving the back slightly longer than the front.


I then cut out what would be the arms of the jacket.  I did this by placing one of my existing cardigans on top of the material to get a rough idea, I then just about tripled the size because the jacket would be a loose fit.


Next, I cut out the neck line and down the centre to make the opening.


Finally, I pinned and then sewed the arm and side seams and hemmed all the edges.  This was the first time I had ever made a garment!  I must say, I like it 🙂




Wine Glass to Dessert Cup

Would you like glamorous dessert glasses without breaking your budget? This is your answer!

Let’s transform this:


To this:

Untitled 2

You will need:
* Drinking glasses
* Mod Podge (I think PVA glue will work just as well)
* Glitter
* Masking tape
* Brush

I taped the top of the glasses with masking tape, and then applied a thin layer of Mod Podge to the un-taped area.


I then sprinkled glitter and allowed to dry. Once dry, I applied Mod Podge over the top of the glitter to seal it and protect the glitter coming off during washing.


If you want a clean line from where the glitter begins, you will need to remove the tape while the glue is still wet in step 1.

That’s pretty much it! These glasses received some big “wows” at the party, and even more when they heard it was a DIY!

DD Glasses


Keep smiling 🙂

Spring Party Favor

Last year, I threw a Spring themed party for the kiddies together with my dear friend Eda of Plaited Heart. I was in charge of styling & decor and Eda made all the delicious and mostly healthy party food.  I will soon write up another post dedicated to the party that will showcase the delightful talents of Eda!

Being a Spring theme, I wanted the children to take home something to do with flowers.  Then it hit me, what better gift than for the children to plant their own seeds! 


Here’s the how to.  I used:

* Flower Seeds

* Potting Mix

* Tea Light Candle Votives (I found them in packs of 6 at a discount store)

* Small glass capsules (to store the seeds) – I found these at a discount store, most craft stores also stock them.

* Twine (to wrap around the votive as decoration)

* Small fake flowers

* Craft paper to make the name tags

* Thread to tie the name tags to the votives


I was lucky to find tiny shovels, forks and buckets at the hardware store to decorate and I think, complete the look 🙂


The children loved them and as many of them were under 5 years of age, it was a fantastic way to teach them how plants grow and learn about Spring 🙂

DIY Cake Stand

I love throwing a parties for my little girls, and when I can, I truly enjoy making the decor myself.  When you make your own party decor, you know it’s unique and more importantly, it will suit your theme 🙂

Last year, I threw my sister a “welcome home” surprise party.  The theme was Turquoise & Gold.  Although I had quite a few things in turquoise, I didn’t have much in gold.  This is where spray paint came in very handy!  If you’re not familiar with spray paint, you’d be suprised at how easy it is to use and also at the fact that it can virtually paint anything!

I absolutely needed cake stands and knew I could easily make them myself.  A friend had once gifted my a very pretty glass cake stand, while admiring it, I realised the cake stand [looked like} an upside down wine glass with a plate glued on top.  I searched on line, and sure enough I found many DIY websites who had also had the same idea.  So, I hit my local op shop for some pretty glasses and plates.

I decided to purchase clear glass plates rather than porcelain.  This way, I would only need to pray the bottom of the plate and the colour would show through to the top, which means I can wash the cake stand after use without damaging the paint and more importantly, I don’t need to worry about any nasty chemicals getting in contact with the food.


I also used a plate and candle holder for another stand:


When spray painting, it is important to spray in a well ventilated area as the fumes can get quite nasty.  I spray paint outside, and provided the item(s) I’m painting a small, I spray in a box to protect from wind.


When spraying, ensure you move the can and do not hold it in the one spot to avoid causing dripping.  Move the can in a smooth motion until all areas are evenly covered with paint.  Allow the paint to fully dry for approximately 1 – 3 hours, depending on weather conditions. 

Once dry, apply superglue to the bottom of the glass and place it directly in the centre of the underside of the plate.  I always put something with a little weight (book, etc) to ensure a secure bond.  The end result?  A gorgeous custom made cake stand!


The cake stands looked incredibly glamorous on the day!


Our party photographer was the lovely & talented Sibella.

I will (soon) post more on our Gold & Turquoise party 🙂



Keep smiling 🙂 










Bedroom Pallet Wall Art

The blank wall above my bed needed some cheering up and we had a timber pallet lying around that I had high hopes for. 

I started by removing the nails to pull apart the pieces of timber.  Some pieces were easier than others, and a few pieces broke off during the process.


I used a pry bar and hammer to remove the nails as seen in the two images below.



Once I had all the required pieces of timber, I grabbed out some paint I had in the garage and painted each a different colour.  I wanted the wall art to be something different and quirky.  I love bright colours and pretty patterns, which is the inspiration behind this piece.


I didn’t actually need to paint the entire area of the timber pieces because I was planning to stick craft paper along them.  The paint was only to colour the border of the timber.


Once the paint was dry, I used Mod Podge (you can also use PVA) to stick the craft paper to the timber – I had already cut the craft paper to size.  I then brushed Mod Podge (two coats) over the top of the craft paper to seal and protect it.  


Because I was planning to attach it straight to my wall, I positioned the backing timber in line with the studs behind my bedroom wall.

I simply glued then hammered the pieces to the backing. 


Here is the finished product! 



Our bedroom is now complete! Well, at least until the next time I feel like change. 🙂

Make Your Own Bracelet Stand

One day, I realised I needed somewhere to store my bracelets.  At the time, they lived in my drawer, on my dresser or in the bathroom.  I didn’t want anything complicated or bulky, just something functional.  Then it came to me…why not use a paper towel holder?

You can pick up a chrome plated holder like this one between $2 to $6 from most discount stores.


Now, I could have used it as is, but I had another idea. Why not wrap thin pieces of scrap material around the metal? I grabbed some material, scissors, PVA glue and a brush. I cut long pieces of the scrap material at about 3cm in width. I brushed the material with some PVA then began wrapping it around the metal, applying glue as I go. It gets a little messy – expect to have glue all over your fingers – but it’s done in about 15 minutes and the glue washed right off.

One completely covered in material, I gave it another even brush with PVA and left it to dry overnight. The next day I had a pretty good looking bracelet stand!