Cane Chair Makeover x 3 – Same But Different

I picked up 3 identical cane chairs and had plans to give them all a different coat of paint. They were tired and sad looking and in need of some serious re-vamping! I completed these about 2 years ago and it was the first time I reupholstered a seat. I don’t think that’s what you would call it, maybe the term is “I replaced the seat”…? Whatever you call it, it was SO easy! I apologise in advance, I do not have step by step photos, as at the time I didn’t know they would have a place on my blog 🙂

I don’t have a before photo of all three of them together in the one shot, but they really were identical, so you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all!


The first thing I did was remove the existing seat. I basically “popped” it out and removed any nails. I then removed the exisiting cushion & cover and, well…ditched them, keeping the piece of timber used as the seat. I already had fabric at home (score!) so all I needed was spray paint & new foam cushions. I bought the foam from Clark Rubber and they kindly cut them to size – to make it easier I took the piece of timber with me, so they literally traced around it.

Next, using craft glue, I drizzled some glue on the timber seat and stuck the foam to it. This will insure it will stay in place and not wiggle about over time. I then placed my material wrong side up on the floor and positioned the seat cushion side down on top. I then pulled the material up over & stapled it in place with a staple gun. Once I stapled the first side of material, I moved to the OPPOSITE end so I could pull it tight and staple. I then completed the remaining two sides, ensuring to tuck in as I go (think hospital bed corners!). The seats were ready and waiting for the chairs!

I gave the chairs a sand to remove what was remaining of the existing gloss. This had to be done so the paint could stick to the surface. I cleaned off any dust and started spraying. When spraying, you must keep the can moving so you don’t get drips on any area. I sprayed in the garage, with large drop sheets covering the floor and the doors open to provide ventilation.

Once the paint was dry, I placed the seats back in position. I didn’t even need to nail or glue them in, because they were a perfect snucg fit.

So here they are…the first is YELLOW:


The second is a bright RED:


The third is a deep PINK:

3 chairs, 3 styles!


Buffet Makeover

p>If you’ve read some of my previous posts, by now, you will know I am a huge fan of vintage furniture with character. I also love adding my own spin to it be it a minor or major change. When op shopping for a new buffet, I found just what I was looking for!


It was the perfect size and I loved the handles and frame detail around the drawers and doors. I had already decided how I wanted to transform this piece. I knew I wanted it two tone, so leaving the body of the unit as is, with the doors & drawers painted white. I also wanted to add craft paper to the drawers & doors, but hadn’t yet picked out the paper, so off I went to Spotlight. I chose a gorgeous chevron design in pastel candy colours, the pattern and colours were ideal for the space the unit would sit.

Once home, I got sanding. After removing the handles, I sanded the entire unit except the face of the drawers & doors as these would not be painted. After sanding, I cleaned off all the dust and stained the body of the unit. I then painted the frame of the drawers & doors in white. Once dry, I measured and cut the craft paper for the face of the drawers & doors. I brushed Mod Podge to the back of the craft paper and stuck it in place. Of course, prior to cutting the craft paper, I aligned the pattern as best I could. Once in place, I brushed the unit with Mod Podge to seal & protect the paper. Finally, I spray painted the handles using gold.

Here is the final result! I love this buffet, it’s fun and lot’s of character.


I enjoy using paper or fabric to transform furniture or decor pieces. It's easy and so very effective!



Hope you enjoyed this post, I would love to hear your thoughts!