Wine Glass to Dessert Cup

Would you like glamorous dessert glasses without breaking your budget? This is your answer!

Let’s transform this:


To this:

Untitled 2

You will need:
* Drinking glasses
* Mod Podge (I think PVA glue will work just as well)
* Glitter
* Masking tape
* Brush

I taped the top of the glasses with masking tape, and then applied a thin layer of Mod Podge to the un-taped area.


I then sprinkled glitter and allowed to dry. Once dry, I applied Mod Podge over the top of the glitter to seal it and protect the glitter coming off during washing.


If you want a clean line from where the glitter begins, you will need to remove the tape while the glue is still wet in step 1.

That’s pretty much it! These glasses received some big “wows” at the party, and even more when they heard it was a DIY!

DD Glasses


Keep smiling 🙂

Spring Party Favor

Last year, I threw a Spring themed party for the kiddies together with my dear friend Eda of Plaited Heart. I was in charge of styling & decor and Eda made all the delicious and mostly healthy party food.  I will soon write up another post dedicated to the party that will showcase the delightful talents of Eda!

Being a Spring theme, I wanted the children to take home something to do with flowers.  Then it hit me, what better gift than for the children to plant their own seeds! 


Here’s the how to.  I used:

* Flower Seeds

* Potting Mix

* Tea Light Candle Votives (I found them in packs of 6 at a discount store)

* Small glass capsules (to store the seeds) – I found these at a discount store, most craft stores also stock them.

* Twine (to wrap around the votive as decoration)

* Small fake flowers

* Craft paper to make the name tags

* Thread to tie the name tags to the votives


I was lucky to find tiny shovels, forks and buckets at the hardware store to decorate and I think, complete the look 🙂


The children loved them and as many of them were under 5 years of age, it was a fantastic way to teach them how plants grow and learn about Spring 🙂

DIY Cake Stand

I love throwing a parties for my little girls, and when I can, I truly enjoy making the decor myself.  When you make your own party decor, you know it’s unique and more importantly, it will suit your theme 🙂

Last year, I threw my sister a “welcome home” surprise party.  The theme was Turquoise & Gold.  Although I had quite a few things in turquoise, I didn’t have much in gold.  This is where spray paint came in very handy!  If you’re not familiar with spray paint, you’d be suprised at how easy it is to use and also at the fact that it can virtually paint anything!

I absolutely needed cake stands and knew I could easily make them myself.  A friend had once gifted my a very pretty glass cake stand, while admiring it, I realised the cake stand [looked like} an upside down wine glass with a plate glued on top.  I searched on line, and sure enough I found many DIY websites who had also had the same idea.  So, I hit my local op shop for some pretty glasses and plates.

I decided to purchase clear glass plates rather than porcelain.  This way, I would only need to pray the bottom of the plate and the colour would show through to the top, which means I can wash the cake stand after use without damaging the paint and more importantly, I don’t need to worry about any nasty chemicals getting in contact with the food.


I also used a plate and candle holder for another stand:


When spray painting, it is important to spray in a well ventilated area as the fumes can get quite nasty.  I spray paint outside, and provided the item(s) I’m painting a small, I spray in a box to protect from wind.


When spraying, ensure you move the can and do not hold it in the one spot to avoid causing dripping.  Move the can in a smooth motion until all areas are evenly covered with paint.  Allow the paint to fully dry for approximately 1 – 3 hours, depending on weather conditions. 

Once dry, apply superglue to the bottom of the glass and place it directly in the centre of the underside of the plate.  I always put something with a little weight (book, etc) to ensure a secure bond.  The end result?  A gorgeous custom made cake stand!


The cake stands looked incredibly glamorous on the day!


Our party photographer was the lovely & talented Sibella.

I will (soon) post more on our Gold & Turquoise party 🙂



Keep smiling 🙂